Viki Premium Mod APK- Asian Drama APK

Viki Premium Mod APK- Asian Drama APK



What is Viki Premium Mod Apk?

Viki Premium Mod APK is widely regarded as the top Asian TV and film app for mobile devices. The content offered by this app is a collection of films made in Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan.. This app allows users to watch films from all over Asia with subtitles in multiple languages. The app also offers a variety of other features including the ability to discover new films, join communities around specific themes and genres, and share recommendations with friends.

Viki Premium Mod APK

What films does the app offer from various Asian countries?

Viki is a popular app that offers different films from various Asian countries. It has a premium mod apk that allows users to watch the films without ads or restrictions. The app also includes Asian Dramas, which are dramas with a strong Asian influence. Dramacool is a separate app that provides similar content to Viki, but it also includes western films and TV shows.

What conclusions can be drawn about Viki’s popularity in Asian countries?

Viki, a popular streaming service in Asia, has been gaining in popularity among its users. This is evident by the number of subscriptions and views its various shows have accrued.

The most popular Viki show in Asia is “My Love from the Star.” The show has amassed more than 150 million views on Viki since it was first aired in 2016. Other top-performing dramas on Viki include “Descendants of the Sun” (100 million views), “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” (90 million views), and “Dracula” (80 million views).

Given that Asian viewers tend to be very loyal to their favorite shows, it’s no wonder that these dramas have resonated with them so well. In addition, Asian countries have been some of Viki’s fastest-growing markets.

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