Exquisite Wolf Heart

Exquisite Wolf Heart


A friendship born out of conflict marks the start of a romance between a woman with a ‘wolf-like personality” and the “son of the wolf king.” Ling Long was accidentally bitten by a wolf. Yan Qing mistakes her for a thief while she detests his arrogant nature. As it turns out, Yan Qing is the son of her father’s friend. Two states coexist within Ling Long, one is human and the other is a wolf. Randomly switching between two personalities make her seem like she is the type to pretend to be weak to take advantage of others. Meanwhile, Yan Qing, the son of a government official, may seem unrestrained on the surface but he carries the bloodline of the wolf clan.

Other Name: 玲珑狼心

Released: Feb. 15, 2021



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